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Optional black theme.

Added by Rush over 16 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

Quassel GUI (Qt)
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Add an option to select black theme. Most people want either white or black colours so these two options should be easily accessible.

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White background can damage user's eyes, reporter's eyes for example.

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#1 Updated by Sputnick over 16 years ago

The possibility of styling the chatwidget has been thought of long since, and we already now use a style engine (based on QTextFormat) for all rendered text, so tweaking the looks technically is not a problem and can be done centrally.

What we still lack is an UI to actually change style settings other than fonts; for now, the styles are hardcoded in qtui/qtuistyle.cpp. This will change in the future (possibly after the new chatwidget is done). A dark/black color scheme will then certainly be thought of.

#2 Updated by phon about 16 years ago

we checked some options to make the background color of widgets changable. the main problem is, that it just looks ugly if you do not change the whole theme of your windowmanager e.g.a black widget background with light scrollbars.

with changing the global color theme of your window manager it is possible to change the whole appearance of quassel.(see attached screenshots)

-> won't fix

#3 Updated by phon about 16 years ago

son just posted me some images (i attached them to this bug)
he thinks that the color of the background should be changeable without changing the whole windowmanager-theme.

i'll look into it.

#4 Updated by EgS about 16 years ago

We already have a style selector in the Settings.
It would be nice if that could be a bit "pimped". Qt supports stylesheets pretty much in a css manner and they can be loaded at the runtime. So it would be pretty cool if we support the importing and exporting of such stylesheets. Mabe even store them in the core and share them amongst the users.

This post on the labs might provide a decent start:

#5 Updated by phon about 16 years ago

as there are too many things which can be configured we will use stylesheets. details can be found here:

stylesheets can be loaded with "./quasselclient -stylesheet stylesheet.qss"

there will be an option in the settings to select a default stylesheet, soon.

#6 Updated by phon about 16 years ago

i uploaded one example stylesheet

#7 Updated by dalbers over 14 years ago

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Resolved as of 91361e8

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