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Handle custom url protocols

Added by nhnFreespirit about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

Quassel GUI (Qt)
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It would be cool if Quassel would handle, and make clickable, urls with protocols other than just http://

In my particular case, it would make it possible to use Quassel to send "amarok urls" to other users, useful, for instance, for showing others cool finds in the integrated services.. An example of such an url could be:

Amarok installs its own protocol hander for this, and clicking it would make Amarok automatically navigate to that album in the Magnatune service.

Other uses could be allowing users to share KIO links, for instance, showing a user how to use the audio cd integration by posting a link to audiocd://


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Well, I'll commit the arbitrary-protocol-stuff in a minute, but the URI you gave me still fails with it because as far as I know, quotes (") are not allowed in URIs (and Quassel treats a " as delimiter). As you can see, even Redmine failed in parsing your comment :) Also I wouldn't know how to use a quote-containing URI in a href tag, for example. So if Amarok gives you such URIs, you should really think of properly escape them instead :)

Also see RFC 3986 2.2 and 2.3, the quote character is neither a reserved nor an unreserved character, thus not allowed in URIs, except I'm misreading the RFC.

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Closing this, as there has been no further feedback. If somebody wants to convince me that amarok URLs like the one given as an example should be accepted as well, please reopen.

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