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Implement the ignore and unignore feature

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I know that people can be ignoring, and they just won't stop! All the other IRC clients I've used have the /ignore feature which allows one to block message from people. For example, /ignore Nick1 will set the ignore to !*Nick1@ so that you won't see any messages from anyone named Nick1. Also we should be able to ignore hostnames/vhosts people can change their screename! /ignore *! would block messages from anyone with the !* vhost. Also, we should be able to block any sequence etc. Just like xchat. For example, /ignore *!@wiki*media would block messages from anyone with the vhost @wiki(any symbol here)edia. This would effectively block messages from vhosts such as wikipedia and wikimedia (I have nothing against them, it's just an example. Finally the last feature of ignore we should have is ignore type. Like, do you just want to ignore PMs from someone? Then type /ignore (person) PRIV. Just notices? Then /ignore (person) NOTI. All messages? Then ignore (person) ALL. This would also work with DCCs etc. Just like other clients. Thanks!


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You can get my try on implementing an ignorelist here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ignore
or via git:// branch: ignore

Note that this branch might be rebased on upstream at any time.

It features two different kinds of "ignoring":

Just hide the messages from the client. Messages still go to the database and thus can be shown any time by disabling the ignore rule.

There is just no way back. Every ignored line never hits the database. This is what most other irc clients provide.

Currently it can only be configured via a settingspage.
- Contextmenu in the nick list
- Shortcuts via inputline

Feedback welcome

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As of 18abdb3f there is a contextmenu to help you configure the various options offered by the ignore list settingspage.
I consider the general feature resolved and thus will close that request.
Still there will be a /ignore command in the short future.

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