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Split view (having multiple chat views at the same time) is a very interesting feature and certainly to be considered ;-)

What I have in mind:
  • Split vertical or horizontal should do for starters (former is probably more important than the latter)
  • Eventually share the input line and send input to focused widget
    + That has the disadvantage that one can easily write in wrong channel if focused widget is not marked properly (properly = blinking stars and dancing ponies)
    + Another approach to work around this problem is to assign colors to the chatview widgets and colorize the input line in the same color to make them easily associated
    + Last option would be to have every chatview have it's own input line (which doesn't look very well but is productive)
  • Buffer list controls current focused widget
    + Maybe also add context menu items to apply a buffer change to a specific widget (e.g. right click -> apply to widget # 1 ... even though widget # 2 is focused)
Advanced stuff I have in mind (very very doubtable of common use):
  • Split the input line if only vertical splits are present, changing focus depending on where you click on that input line
    "[ Input to Widget # 1 | Input to Widget # 2 ]"
    + add a faint line between areas and text for the areas which are not used
    + This could probably be implemented by a custom input widget that can be stacked to each other, overlapping each other if necessary
    + That way it still looks like one input line but the user has the power of 3 input lines
  • Widget should, as always, be freely movable
  • Dragging channels from the buffer list to a chatview widget should change it's buffer
  • Automatic reordering: if only one input line is available (by design or by user setting), the focused widget should always closest to left border of input line (or right in a RTL environment), maybe reorder the widget with some fancy graphical effect (qtdemo has very nice movement animations)

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