Feature #461

Store ircd replies as raw messages, prettify them in the client

Added by Sputnick over 15 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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We currently have special message types for things like JOIN or PART, which means that we only store the raw message in the database, and convert that to a plain-text string in the client. This has several advantages:

- Saves space in the db, since the raw message is much shorter
- Translations are done when displaying, rather than storing translated strings in the db
- The exact message type is accessible retroactively, e.g. for filtering

However, we don't do that for any numerical server replies. Instead, we convert them core-side into a verbose, human-readable, translated string and push that into the db. Then we transfer that verbose string to the client for display.

This should be changed. I suggest a new message type that stores the pre-parsed server message (e.g. the reply code as sender, and the params as content). Much of the things now in IrcServerHandler, in particular all informative messages, will move to the client then for the conversion into human-readable strings.

We can't probably retroactively change the db though, so existing messages will stay there in plaintext. What we could probably do is to write an external tool that crawls the db, looks for patterns that match our human-readable strings, and replaces them by raw messages. This should be feasible for most messages in english language, and require much more work to really cover all and work for all supported languages.

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