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/exec commands

Added by bdgraue about 15 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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in all (by me) known irc-clients i can use /exec to make an output to the channel, like:

/exec -o dmesg | tail

and the (konsole)output will be shown in the channel

with /exec without -o it will only be shown myself, with -o it will be public


#1 Updated by wizzy over 14 years ago

Where do you want this to be run?
The client or the server? Presumably the server.

#2 Updated by Sputnick over 14 years ago

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We already have /exec support in git master. However, -o we don't have yet, and that would be a nice thing to have, so I keep this report open.

Commands are run on the client side only, for various reasons (e.g. a client shouldn't be able to run anything on the server for security reasons).

#3 Updated by Sputnick about 14 years ago

This patch adds -o support to /exec. However, seems that Konversation doesn't do this anymore, so it's not really standard in all clients apparently. Also, it would change existing behavior and break users' aliases. So I'm not at all sure anymore that we want that...

How about keeping the current behavior, and add a -t (test) or -p (pretend) option instead, that allows keeping the output local for testing purposes?

#4 Updated by Anonymous almost 12 years ago

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I second the -p/-t to hide output, mostly because one isn't able to run arbitrary commands without wrapper script and because of current behaviour.

#5 Updated by Anonymous almost 10 years ago

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