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Design/create a logo and corresponding systray icons.

Added by Sputnick almost 17 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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We still do not have a logo for Quassel IRC. Suggestions are VERY welcome and can be attached to this bugreport.

Once a logo has been designed, we can derive a set of systray icons from it.

q-irc_logo.gif (2.17 KB) q-irc_logo.gif admin, 10/18/2007 09:34 PM (209 KB) admin, 05/28/2008 10:58 PM
Quassel_Core_Logo_8.jpg (16 KB) Quassel_Core_Logo_8.jpg admin, 05/28/2008 11:00 PM
Quassel_logo_set.jpg (75.3 KB) Quassel_logo_set.jpg admin, 05/28/2008 11:25 PM
512.png (152 KB) 512.png admin, 05/29/2008 04:26 PM (772 KB) admin, 05/30/2008 01:38 PM
96.png (17 KB) 96.png admin, 06/06/2008 05:25 PM
96_text.png (24.4 KB) 96_text.png admin, 06/06/2008 05:25 PM
512_text_out.png (219 KB) 512_text_out.png admin, 06/06/2008 05:26 PM
96_text_lower.png (24.7 KB) 96_text_lower.png admin, 06/06/2008 05:28 PM
512_text_out_lower_text.png (217 KB) 512_text_out_lower_text.png admin, 06/06/2008 05:28 PM

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#1 Updated by Anonymous over 16 years ago

In keeping with the QT theme, here's my idea for a logo. (see q-irc_logo.gif in attachments). Colors of course can be adapted to whatever suits you, I just stuck with straight black because I'm lazy and didn't want to choose any colors.

It almost looks like there's an eyeball looking down to the right, which, if put in the "Connections" menu item in addition to the text would be looking into the text fields.

It's got a Q and an I, for Quassel IRC. The I is lower-cased because I felt it looked more appealing with the eyeball pupil than with the upper-cased I's straight lines.

Drew Patridge aka LinuxDolt

#2 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Alrighty then!

Some of you may know of this, but for a while a few of the devs have been in talk with me about creating some logos for the Quassel set (core and client).

After a load of feedback and tweaks to the logo set, these are my suggestions, that are currently scheduled for release and use as official Quassel icons.

Attached are now these files: -- contains a release candidate for the client logos. 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 pixel images. Exported in PNG and ICO formats.
Quassel_logo_set.jpg -- an image displaying the two logos in set.

Idea behind the Quassel logos;

Quassel Core. Since the core is the mechanics that drive the whole of Quassel, it was decided that the idea of gears running the machine would be practical. In a circular shape with the 'triangular' shape at the bottom right, it retains some of the Q shape in a square shape that is perfect for optimized size.

Quassel Client. The client is the viewer for the core, and thus should represent an eye. Once again, we have the Q shape, this time but with the 'triangle' in blue rather than red.

Just thought I'd throw in the answer to the most asked question, so it shall not be repeated too much:
"Why don't you make the , in the Q larger?"
Quite simple. At the moment you can draw a square around the circular shape of the logo, and the triangle shape will still fit in. Making it larger, the size of the details on the logo that could fit inside a size restriction such as 16x16-48x48 would be too small for proper viewing.

Anyhow, this logo is a release candidate, i.e feel free to make any revisions you see fit, and submit them here!

Hope yall enjoy the logo!

/John 'nox-Hand' Hand.

#3 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Please ignore "Quassel_Core_Logo_8.jpg", that is a mistake. Is actually Quassel Client logo.

#4 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Uploaded file "512.png" so OS X could get a full icon set. As name suggests, it is the client logo in 512x512 pixel dimensions.

#5 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Added RC2 of the files, now including both disconnected, connected and a test layout for new message icons.

#6 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Added 96px versions of both Quassel Client Logo + Quassel Client Logo with text.

#7 Updated by nox-Hand almost 16 years ago

Added higher resolution (512px) versions of logo + text, plus variations.

#8 Updated by Sputnick over 15 years ago

Icons have been incorporated in Quassel long since, thanks nox-Hand :) Closing this for now.

Also available in: Atom PDF