Bug #1846

Can't load CertFP certificate and key

Added by applecuckoo 4 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Currently, there is no good documentation stating how to use SSL with Quassel to authenticate into a server, for example when logging on to the OFTC server. Following the documentation on the OFTC's website didn't help, and chatting with an OFTC operator didn't solve anything either. I'm on macOS with Quassel Mono.

quassel_log.txt (2.6 KB) quassel_log.txt applecuckoo, 10/13/2022 03:50 AM


#1 Updated by applecuckoo 4 months ago

Apologies, using 0.14 NOT 0.13.1 as shown above.

#2 Updated by applecuckoo 4 months ago

Please ignore above, and apologies for sounding like a rant. The big issue here is that the file dialog isn't showing up, which impacts file loading and hence the ability to use my certificate and key. I'm using Quassel Monolithic Client 0.14 on MacOS 12.5.1, with the official binary from The QT version is 5.15.2. Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Click into preferences
  2. Click into 'Identities' under 'IRC'
  3. Click 'Advanced'
  4. Click either of the 'Load' buttons, under 'Use SSL Key' and 'Use SSL Certificate' respectively.

The corresponding log is attached, note that the username has been edited out for security purposes.

#3 Updated by gry 4 months ago

works for me in quassel monolithic 0.13.1 on debian: the load buttons open a file browser dialog. looks like this issue is probably mac specific, or introduced in the later version.

#4 Updated by John56843 3 months ago

Did you have a fix on this issue? Challenging a relative issue yet no response from anyone and couldn't see this point taking a gander at in google.

#5 Updated by applecuckoo 3 months ago

Hi there! I just used the automatic NickServ login, but technically CertFP still doesn't work.

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applecuckoo wrote: Julienelson

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