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KDE notifications not working

Added by metlos over 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Quassel GUI (KDE)
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The KDE notification integration is not working as it should. The system tray icon does blink and the correct number of pending notifications is shown but the notification settings (i.e. a sound to play, popup a message, etc) are ignored.

This bug exists in master branch.

kde-notifs-fix.patch (1.26 KB) kde-notifs-fix.patch proposed patch metlos, 08/23/2012 11:10 AM

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What is needed to reproduce this bug? Notification options are working just fine for me with KDE 4.8.4.

#4 Updated by metlos about 11 years ago

I'm on KDE 4.9.3. Before the patch, I never got a sound notification when someone wrote a private message or when I got a highlight. The Quassel icon in the tray would blink but no KDE notification would pop up nor would sound play even if configured to do so in the notifications section in the Quassel settings.

#5 Updated by metlos about 11 years ago

If you look at the patch, all it does is it makes sure to send the event only once it is fully wired up... Before the patch, the event would immediately fire during the construction of the notification and only then the notification would be wired up with the signal and the internal list of active notifications. I guess there was some kind of race condition somewhere in there that may or may not exhibit itself with your set up. For me, firing the notification only after fully wired up fixed the issue.

#6 Updated by smithbone about 11 years ago

I seem to have a version of this bug. In my version though I don't get a notification in the system tray or any sort of notification sound unless quassel is in the same desktop as my active window.

Currently this is with Kubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, KDE 4.9.5, Quassel .9-pre (various builds) but it was the same on 2 previous releases of Kubuntu. (Same results on different machines, I run quassel on 3 machines) Core is located on a remote server.

Unfortunately this patch does not solve my problem. My current workaround is to enable Quassel to be present on "All desktops" via the option in the window manager.

Using dbus-monitor I see that the problem appears to be with quassel. Watching dbus-monitor if quassel is on the active desktop then I see the notification event show up on the bus but if quassel is not in the active desktop then the notification event does not appear in dbus-monitor.

I'll be happy to run any tests or additional debugging if requested. Is there a debug option I can use for the client that's similar to whats available for the core?

#7 Updated by smithbone about 11 years ago

I've narrowed this down to the exact bit of code that is misbehaving. Using qDebug() statements I've found that the following check in MainWin::messagesInserted() is keeping the notification from happening when quassel is not on the active desktop.

        // check if bufferId belongs to the shown chatlists
        if (!(Client::bufferViewOverlay()->bufferIds().contains(bufId) ||

#8 Updated by Sputnick about 10 years ago

Could you guys please check if it works with the current master branch (or tip of the 0.9 branch, post-0.9.2) now? We just now applied a patch that might be related (bug #1240).

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