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Collapsible groups in the channel list

Added by TheSeven almost 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I'd really appreciate to have a way to create arbitrary channel categories in the channel list on the left panel, and allow for channels/users to be dragged and dropped between them.

Ideally these groups would be collapsible/expandable, and in the collapsed state highlights would propagate to the group heading.

This seems like a huge usability improvement to me, both because I can move less interesting channels out of sight and avoid a scroll bar, and because I can order the channel list by categories for poorly-named channels that belong to each other, but are scattered all over the place if sorted alphabetically.

I'd suggest to have two groups by default: One for channels, and one for PMs/MSGs. Possibly one for hidden channels as well, removing the need to completely drop them from the list.


#1 Updated by sph almost 13 years ago

Yeah, this would be an enormous improvement in usability. There are less interesting channels that mostly waste space in my buffer list, but I check them often enough that I don't want to go through the trouble of hiding and unhiding them. Being able to put them in a certain group (or preferably in more than one) makes this a lot easier. Very nice idea!

#2 Updated by TheSeven over 12 years ago

Another related idea that just came to my mind is to add an option to color lines in the monitor window based on the channel or channel group they are coming from. Possibly with an option to suppress color codes for that channel/channel group. That would be really neat :)

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