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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1071Quassel IRCFeatureClosedHighAbility to remove user from quasselcore04/05/2011 08:33 AM
996Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalmarker line is on first line of entry, not at the lastSputnick06/30/2010 06:38 PM
982Quassel IRCBugNewNormalchat list focussing wrong element06/01/2010 01:45 PM
914Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalnickname fading is missing03/05/2010 09:54 AM
884Quassel IRCFeatureNewNormalbuffer context menu entry to add/remove it to/from the chat monitor06/22/2014 02:34 PM
857Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalQuassel crashes when changing stylesheet a lot03/05/2010 09:53 AM
772Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalno search bar if inputfield is focussedSputnick08/26/2009 07:12 AM
738Quassel IRCBugNewNormalidentify on nickchange01/20/2010 12:04 PM
732Quassel IRCBugConfirmedNormalquasselcore will not start up when file permissions wrong06/16/2013 08:55 PM
731Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalquasselcore will not start up when file permissions wrong07/02/2009 05:41 PM
580Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalnick-dropdown is updated even if nickchange fails03/11/2009 08:05 PM
511Quassel IRCBugRejectedNormalMake activity visible in tab02/02/2009 02:41 PM
507Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalDon't invoke notification backends for Messages with self flag setSputnick02/11/2009 11:48 PM
493Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalCore cannot use SSL cert01/21/2009 05:45 PM
491Quassel IRCFeatureRejectedLowAdjust width on doubleclick01/20/2009 03:35 PM
483Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalRIght click opens new browser(tab)Sputnick01/15/2009 11:43 PM
474Quassel IRCBugRejectedNormalKeyup/Down Event in Input box should be limited to buffer01/08/2009 01:14 PM
466Quassel IRCFeatureNewNormal"read" buffer03/01/2012 11:07 AM
444Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalsearch fails if backlog is pulledal03/05/2010 10:30 AM
438Quassel IRCBugRejectedNormalAfter deleting registry, quassel behaves ... different01/13/2009 08:23 PM
435Quassel IRCBugClosedNormalClient crashes on windows01/20/2009 08:39 PM
434Quassel IRCFeatureRejectedHighshow "online" as "active"01/13/2009 08:43 PM
432Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalMultiple Select on buffer and deletion only deletes first in selectionSputnick01/09/2009 06:28 PM
415Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalmake font size of buffer list (standard and custom) configurableSputnick02/16/2009 10:45 AM
414Quassel IRCFeatureNewHighscale status-icons (away,online,offline) to font size12/28/2008 12:49 AM
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