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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1312Quassel IRCBugAssignedNormalInvestigate hotlist buffer sortingSputnick09/23/2014 11:01 PM
801Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalMake the "Allow colored text" option actually workSputnick09/23/2009 12:55 AM
691Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormal"Unread messages per buffer" requester misses messagesEgS06/28/2009 05:47 PM
685Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormal512 Byte Limit Protection b0rked05/15/2009 12:24 AM
665Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalNetworkModelController fails with multiselectionSputnick04/12/2009 05:44 AM
619Quassel IRCFeatureFeedbackNormalIntroduce BufferConfig - persistent per-buffer attributes03/13/2009 07:21 PM
593Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalExcess flood with a super-long line02/29/2012 06:21 PM
592Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalDon't check phonon/webkit/KDE for core-only buildsSputnick08/19/2010 12:59 PM
591Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalSend queue not emptied on disconnectSputnick03/26/2009 11:17 PM
564Quassel IRCBugClosedImmediateSober up after resolving bug #540Sputnick03/03/2010 07:25 PM
555Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalMake categories in SettingsDlg show the general settings page02/16/2009 12:01 AM
544Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalChatView scrolls up a pixel on bufferswitchSputnick02/12/2009 11:58 AM
543Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalShow status buffer on startup if a network is connecting/connectedEgS02/17/2009 06:40 PM
542Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalStartup: Show network/identity settings if no network and/or only a default identity is configuredEgS02/15/2009 06:02 PM
489Quassel IRCFeatureConfirmedNormalProvide validation of and feedback about the core/client SSL certEgS02/18/2009 12:03 AM
488Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalDon't specify -DDATA_INSTALL_DIR and friends for -DWITH_KDESputnick01/27/2009 12:46 AM
487Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalProvide better control about embedding data files as resources or notSputnick02/11/2009 09:04 PM
486Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalAllow separate language filesSputnick02/08/2009 11:16 AM
461Quassel IRCFeatureConfirmedNormalStore ircd replies as raw messages, prettify them in the client01/04/2009 03:11 AM
460Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalRework styling settingsSputnick08/24/2009 11:38 AM
459Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormal"Delete Buffer..." shown for active buffersSputnick02/04/2009 01:12 PM
458Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalFix LINGUAS support to work with xx_YY style locale namesSputnick02/08/2009 11:13 AM
456Quassel IRCFeatureResolvedNormalGet rid of the sync dialog in the mono clientEgS01/13/2009 09:04 PM
455Quassel IRCFeatureClosedNormalRedesign the mono client's core connect dialog03/05/2010 04:26 AM
428Quassel IRCBugResolvedNormalSelecting multiple items in BufferView locks up Quassel with 100% CPUEgS01/09/2009 01:00 PM
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